Wellness Wednesday: Alligator

For this week’s Wellness Wednesday we are focusing on exercise! Exercise promotes physical and mental wellness in people and animals. Animal care staff can use certain types of enrichment, training, or even habitat… more ›

World Rhino Day 2020

Happy World Rhino Day! This holiday celebrates all five species of rhinoceros: black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan. Reid Park Zoo is home to two southern white rhinos, Yebonga and Fireball! Our… more ›

Wellness Wednesday: Elephant

A critical component to wellness is preventative care. Our elephant team participates in many aspects of preventative care with each member of the herd. Our elephants participate in these wellness training sessions voluntarily,… more ›

Wellness Wednesday: Grizzly Bear

It’s time for another Wellness Wednesday! This week we are sharing some enrichment given to our grizzly bear, Finley. One important aspect of animal health is having the opportunity to use all of… more ›

Wellness Wednesday: Squirrel Monkeys

It’s Wellness Wednesday! One of the most important aspects of wellness for both people and animals is mental engagement and focus. One of the ways we encourage our wildlife to engage their problem-solving… more ›