What is a Caruncle?

What is that orange dangly thing on top of our vulture’s beak? Many bird species have fleshy growths hanging from their head or neck called caruncles. King vultures have a unique caruncle attached… more ›

World Lion Day 2020

Today is World Lion Day! This holiday is important for highlighting lions’ conservation challenges and the need to Protect the Pride. Wild lion populations have decreased by 90% in the past century from… more ›

Fairy Houses: Making Magic With Nature

While uncertain times can be frightening, it can also be an opportunity to slow down, explore new creative outlets, and connect with nature. Children often connect with nature through play, so providing crafts… more ›

Bella and the Weeble-Wobble

Bella the jaguar recently spent some time enjoying weeble-wobbling enrichment in her habitat! Enriching an animal’s habitat comes in many forms, from scents to investigate to food puzzles to solve and objects to… more ›

Elephants Matriarchs

Elephants follow a matriarchal society, which means a dominant female is the leader of the herd. Matriarchs in the wild lead the herd to water sources and food. Semba is matriarch at Reid… more ›