Meet Miss Earth Day – Terra, the tamandua!

Reid Park Zoo celebrated an “Earth Day Birthday” Saturday April 22 with the arrival of a baby female tamandua. The baby‘s name is Terra. Terra is a Latin name meaning “the planet earth.” Reid Park Zoo is… more ›

Mother’s Day 2017 at Reid Park Zoo!

LOVE YOUR MOMMA ALL YEAR! Family Memberships begin at $80 Adopt an Elephant at the parent partner level for only $20! Use code ELEMOM Adopt any animal at the keeper’s korner level and… more ›

Working Together to Save a Giant

100 pounds and 5 feet long may not be the measurements you think of when envisioning a giant … but when you’re thinking about armadillos, giant is an accurate description! Reid Park Zoo has… more ›

Zoo saddened by loss of meerkat

The Reid Park Zoo is saddened to share the heartbreaking loss of one of its meerkats. The meerkat passed away in a tunnel collapse over the weekend. Staff and volunteers have been observing… more ›

Help Vaquitas Here in Tucson

Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, The Old Pueblo in Tucson is famous for saguaros, tumbleweeds and tamales, so why should we care about vaquitas out in the Pacific Ocean? Vaquitas… more ›