Meet the Prehensile-Tailed Skink

There’s a new face at your Zoo: Kasolo the prehensile-tailed skink! Prehensile-tailed skinks are a species of lizard native to the Solomon islands in Oceania. They are arboreal, meaning that they live in… more ›

Happy Birthday, Meerkat Pups!

Happy birthday, meerkats! Our litter of five meerkat pups are now one year old. They are as large as their parents and can be seen digging, foraging, and looking out for the group as… more ›

Celebrating Penzi and the Spirit of Giving

Today, we have so much to celebrate. It is Penzi the African elephant’s first birthday. This not-so-little elephant has brought incredible joy to our community as she splashes in her mud wallow, gobbles… more ›