I Love Zoo

The Importance of Species Survival Plans Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate some of your Zoo’s lovebirds! We are happy to have multiple pairs of animals that are important members of… more ›

Reid Park Zoo in Tanzania!

Jambo from Tanzania! Dr. Sue Tygielski, Director of Zoological Operations, and Jed Dodds, Events and Outreach Supervisor, have traveled to Africa to learn about wildlife, conservation, and the important role that zoos play… more ›

Denver the Giraffe Turns 31!

Reid Park Zoo celebrated a milestone birthday over the weekend: Denver the giraffe turned 31! The median life expectancy for giraffes is 19 years, making this a particularly significant birthday to honor. Denver… more ›

Anna the Grevy’s Zebra is Pregnant

This Friday, January 31, is International Zebra Day and this year we’ve got something extra special to celebrate: a baby zebra on the way! Anna the Grevy’s zebra is pregnant and expecting her… more ›

Celebrate Senior Days

Who says the Zoo is just for kids? Reid Park Zoo is honoring seniors both human and animal during Celebrate Senior Days.  Each Wednesday in February from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., guests ages 62… more ›

12 Days of Giving

‘Tis the season of giving, and Reid Park Zoo is here to help you spread the holiday cheer. Read up on our tips for sustainable gift-giving and check back every day now through… more ›