Giraffe Calf Gets His Name

The reticulated giraffe calf born at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo has been named “Moyo” in honor of two distinctive heart-shaped spots on his neck. Moyo is the Swahili word for heart. The name… more ›

Grevy’s Zebra Foal Dies at Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo is mourning the loss of Grevy’s zebra foal Tikiti Maji. On Tuesday afternoon, a gust of wind appeared to startle Tikiti’s mother, Anna. Anna abruptly moved into a different portion… more ›

Project Update

Greetings from Reid Park Zoo! The new year is bringing exciting developments at the Zoo, including the recent birth of an endangered Grevy’s zebra foal on Christmas Day. Both mom and foal are… more ›

Help Us Name the New Zebra Foal

Reid Park Zoo’s zebra foal needs a name! The Zoo’s hoofstock team has come up with the following options and is asking the public to select their favorite to help celebrate the energetic… more ›

Thank You for an Incredible 2023

2023 is coming to an end, and what a year it has been! Thank you for your support, which has been a key part of these highlights throughout the year: New stripes are… more ›