Come Meet Joaquin the Andean Bear

Come Meet Joaquin! Reid Park Zoo members got a first opportunity to meet a new addition this morning. Joaquin the Andean bear recently arrived at Reid Park Zoo and has been spending time… more ›

Dazzle the Squirrel Monkey is a Mom!

Update 8/24/21: Being a mom is a tough job and, unfortunately, infants born to first-time squirrel monkey mothers have a 50 percent mortality rate. Dazzle’s infant passed away overnight with no obvious cause… more ›

Celebrating Nandi’s 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nandi! Thank you all so much for celebrating Nandi’s birthday with us today! Nandi enjoyed her boxes of treats, fruity ice pop “cake”, sand castle, fresh browse, and spending time in… more ›

Say Hello to Rainbow, the Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Have you met the new macaw near the Flight Connection aviary? Rainbow the blue-and-gold macaw recently moved from a behind-the-scenes aviary to a habitat next to our resident cockatoo. Long-time Zoo fans might remember Rainbow… more ›