Raging For Rhinos

As grey clashes with brown, the earth moves. One after another, like a steady drum beating to a rhythmic chant, prints the size of a melon are etched into the earth’s canvas. Slowly,… more ›

We Have a “Big” Announcement!

Reid Park Zoo is happy to announce Lety, the twelve-year-old female tamandua, and Santiago, a fifteen-year-old male tamandua welcomed a male baby tamandua on August 31. Although the little one has yet to… more ›

Eyes on the front, ready to hunt!

Did you know animals that hunt are called predators? Predators eat other animals, called prey, for food. They are very important for keeping ecosystems healthy because they maintain the balance between plants and… more ›

A New Herd Has Moved In!

On Monday, March 26, Reid Park Zoo became home to seven new residents, three female and four male, four-month-old Nigerian dwarf goats. The Nigerian dwarf is a miniature goat from West Africa. It… more ›

Lets HOP for World Frog Day!

Although they are one of the smallest and often overlooked animal species kept at Reid Park Zoo, Poison Dart Frogs play a crucial role in helping environmental scientists study the condition of our ecosystem.… more ›

Mabu Returns To Reid Park Zoo

After returning to San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2016 for breeding opportunities with their herd, Mabu, the 13,000-pound bull, returned to Reid Park Zoo on Tuesday, Feb. 20th. He rejoined the Zoo’s… more ›

Got Trees?

If recent monsoons have left a fallen tree in your yard, the Zoo elephants will help you recycle it! Our elephants would love some browse treats! Elephants can eat several hundred pounds of… more ›