Wedding with Giraffe

Added Experiences

Make your Zoo adventure more memorable with one of our many event extras. There are many activities available to enhance your groups experience while enjoying your time at Reid Park Zoo. The possibilities are endless.

Giraffe Feeding

Get an up close, personal one-of-a-kind opportunity to see what it’s like to stand eye to eye with a giraffe. Watch as their tongues gently take a nutritional biscuit or vegetable provided by one of our Zoo staff out of your hand.

  • Cost: $100, plus and $2.50 per person up to 100 people

Animal Encounter

Let your group enjoy a personal Animal Encounter with our special Zoo ambassadors. Our animal encounters are interactive, educational experiences that explore a variety of animals – what they eat, how they live and what you can do to help the animals that live in your own back yard! Our demonstration animal collection currently includes but is not limited to hedgehogs, tortoises, constrictor snakes, lizards, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Animals will be chosen based on their health and handling records for that day.

  • Includes one education staff member and 2-3 animals each hour.
  • One hour minimum, two hour maximum.
  • Cost: $100 per hour

Artifact or Enrichment Stations

Let one of our education specialists set up an interactive station for your event.

Artifact stations include items such as bones, skulls, fur samples and more to provide an interesting hands-on look at our animals.

Enrichment stations provide a truly unique look at the items our Zoo Keepers provide the animals to keep them active and healthy.

  • Includes one education staff member and one artifact station.
  • One hour minimum, no maximum
  • Cost: $100 per hour, per station

Additional Extras

Contact the events department for more information

  • Carousel Rides
  • Train Rides
  • Table Centerpieces
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Stage
  • Arch
  • Dance Floor