Teacher Resources – Special Edition for Distance Learning

Needing a project for your students or looking for a way to engage your students in a fun, educational way?

Reid Park Zoo can help!

Below is a list of resources that are currently available to assist teachers (and parent-teachers) during this time:

Zoo to You Online Classroom

These free online programs are brought to you by the Reid Park Zoo’s Education Department as a part of our commitment to connect you to wildlife and wild places, and to inspire us all to take action for conservation. Programs will take place on Thursdays at 11:00 AM (MST) and repeated again at 2:00 PM (MST). Each week features a new topic! Past programs are recorded, allowing you to easily assign the class to your students for them to watch any time.

Zoo Web Cams

While we are not able to physically be at the Zoo, we can still “visit” and watch the animals through 7 different live-feed cameras set up at various habitats. This is a great way to take a quick break, or incorporate into a lesson for students to practice their observational skills while they watch and record what the animals are doing.

Zoo Blog

Watch videos from the Zoo, learn about and receive updates on the Zoo’s animals, and have your students complete activity sheets – combining interesting animal facts and fun, simple activities.

Meet the Animals Fact Sheets

Have your students learn about their favorite animals at the Zoo. Each fact sheet includes information on each species, conservation concerns, and insider information about that animal at the Zoo. There are 31 fact sheets, enough for each student in your class.

Reid Park Zoo’s YouTube Channel

We’ve posted all of our educational and informational videos here for you and your students to explore!


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