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The Adventure Begins Here!

We have a variety of programs available for groups of all sizes and ages! Our programs are scheduled first come, first serve, and according to date and staff availability. Please plan as far ahead as possible. Please click on the appropriate button below to see programs and pricing for your group type.

Zoo Adventure Program (ZAP):

If you have a large group, this is the adventure for you! ZAP programs focus on a topic of your choice and will include fun activities and presentations with LIVE animal ambassadors.

Designed for ages 5 and up.

Maximum group size:
40 participants (adults and children)
For larger groups, we can schedule back-to-back programs in the same day (up to 120 participants).

Program Length:

$10.00 per person (child and adult). This includes Zoo admission and
program participation. Minimum program price: $200.00.

Zoo Adventure Program Topics:

  • Habitats (designed for all ages): Learn what an animal needs in its habitat and how animals survive in the desert, rainforest and savanna habitats.
  • Adaptations (designed for all ages): Learn about adaptations that help wild animals survive and how people can be inspired by nature’s survival tips.
  • Zoo 101 (designed for all ages): Caring for the animals that call the Zoo home is a big job! Learn how we do it and why what we do is so important.
  • Locomotion (designed for grades K-2): Investigate how animals move from here to there by exploring their unique adaptations.
  • Conservation and Endangered Species (designed for grades 3 and up): Discover Reid Park Zoo’s role as a conservation organization and how zoos and scientists work to protect wildlife and wild places.
  • Animal Food and Nutrition (designed for grades 3 and up): Available Spring 2018
  • Animal Care and Health (designed for grades 3 and up): Available Spring 2018

Behind-the-Scenes Add-on for ZAP programs:

These add-on encounters are only for groups participating in a ZAP program.  Each encounter will last 20-minutes Behind-the-Scenes for an additional fee.

All participants must be at least 5 years or older.

Program Length:

$4.00 per person (in addition to ZAP session fee)

Behind-the-Scenes opportunities include ONE of the following:

  • Rhino encounter
  • Anteater encounter

NOTE: All animal encounters are subject to change on the day of your program if necessary for animal health and comfort.

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Zookeeper in Training:

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Zoo Keeper? Now you and your group can find out what it takes! Try your hand at a Zoo Keeper’s unique chores in one busy morning as we prepare animal meals and treats, perform wellness check-ups, and even clean a night house. Leave your best clothes at home and come prepared to get down and dirty at the zoo.

Designed for ages 6 and up

Maximum group size:
20 participants (adults and children)
NOTE: Parents may attend this program if they wish but must pay participant fee.

Program Length:
2 1/2 hour program (Program start time must be no later than 9:30AM)

$20 per person (child and adult). Minimum program price: $375.00.

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Behind the Scenes Experiences

Have you ever wondered what it was like behind-the-scenes at the Reid Park Zoo? Well, now you can see it firsthand! Select one of the experiences below:

Elephant Experience:

Join us for a 60-minute adventure to learn what it takes to care for Reid Park Zoo’s elephant herd. Your experience will include watching an elephant training session, a tour of the elephant barn, meeting our elephant animal care staff and helping them hide treats for the elephants.

All participants must be 10 or older and one adult must attend.

Oct. – May only on Sundays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8am
June – Sept. only on Sundays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7am

$500 for 2 people.
$100 for each additional person up to 10 total people.

Close Encounter Experience:

During this 60 minute experience, you will learn more about some of Reid Park Zoo’s most popular residents. Your experience includes a visit to the anteater, rhino and giraffe habitats and a chance to see these animals closer than during a regular Zoo visit. Please note: education staff reserves the right to modify experience based on animal health and safety.

All participants must be 5 or older and one adult must attend.

Every day of the week with a reservation.

$300 up to 10 total people.

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Are you wanting to schedule a self-guided tour for a youth or private group?

Private and Youth Groups (non-school groups) of 20 or more people can make a 30-day advanced reservation to receive a discount on regular Zoo admission.
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Looking for other fun activities at the Zoo?

Click here to learn more about the Giraffe Encounter, Carousel and Train rides!

Are you planning a trip to the Zoo with a large group?

If you purchase your group’s tickets in advance you receive a bulk discount rate!
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