This Earth Month, Join Reid Park Zoo in Taking Action for Our Planet

Reid Park Zoo is inviting the community to join in the Earth Month Ecochallenge this April. From April 1-30, global participants will join teams and commit to new habits that align with their values while earning points for their team. As an incentive, Reid Park Zoo is offering the member of the public who joins their team and scores the highest on the team’s leaderboard during the challenge a behind-the-scenes tour.

“The Ecochallenge is a great opportunity for people to take a look at sustainability practices they could adopt, and to consider what conservation actions are most meaningful or practical for their life,” said Jennifer Stoddard, Reid Park Zoo’s Director of Education and Conservation.

Participants earn points for every real world habit they implement during the challenge. There is a wide variety of “actions” participants can commit to implementing such as learning how to compost, taking action towards protecting bees, and calculating your carbon footprint. This platform will be familiar to anyone who joined the Zoo in the past for the July Plastic Free Ecochallenge.

“It’s always so  inspiring to see the Zoo’s collective community impact add up throughout the month,” said Nancy Kluge, Reid Park Zoo’s President & CEO. “These challenges are a great reminder that collective action is the key to conservation, and that small steps towards more sustainable living add up to have a big impact.”

Bring your commitment to conservation to the Zoo for Party for the Planet on Sunday April 21. The event will feature conservation-themed activities in honor of Earth Day. Enjoy animal presentations, community science, and learn more about what can be done to practice conservation daily.

Join the Zoo’s team!