Help Name Reid Park Zoo’s Giraffe Calf

A reticulated giraffe born at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has won hearts since news of his arrival — and now the two-week old calf needs a name.

The public is invited to cast their vote among the top three names selected by the calf’s care team:

Mosi (meaning “first born,” which is a traditional Swahili name for the eldest son).

Hodari (meaning “courage/ strong/ brave” in Swahili, as he is very curious and loves exploring new spaces).

Moyo (meaning “heart” in Swahili, as he has a small heart shaped spot on his neck and a larger upside down heart just above it)

The poll will close on Thursday, February 15 (one month after the calf’s birth) at 10 a.m., and Reid Park Zoo will announce the winner that afternoon.

This is the first giraffe born at Reid Park Zoo in almost 24 years and the first offspring born to mother Penelope and father Jasiri. The calf and his mother are both doing well and have begun exploring the outdoor habitat. Alongside his mom, the calf is at times visible to the public for short periods throughout the day.

Jasiri has been able to spend some time with the calf, but the younger giraffe needs a little more time with mom before they can be fully introduced. In the meantime, Jasiri has been very interested in everything the calf is doing.

Reid Park Zoo supports the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Giraffe SAFE (Saving Animals from Extinction) Program, providing fieldwork in Uganda to stabilize wild populations of the endangered reticulated giraffes. By supporting Reid Park Zoo, guests are also helping support these programs.

This poll has closed