Who’s in the Corn Maze? Nandi!

Apple Annie’s Orchard in Willcox, AZ boasts the largest corn maze in the state, and this year Apple Annie’s teamed up with Reid Park Zoo to create a design that features the first African… more ›

New Turf at the Conservation Learning Center

The circular presentation space outside the Zoo’s Conservation Learning Center, originally installed in 2007, has become a popular play area for kids and a great place for Educators to host presentations, activities, and games… more ›

Reid Park Zoological Society Receives TEP Grant

Reid Park Zoological Society is proud to be a recipient of a Tucson Electric Power Environmental Protection and Sustainability Grant. This grant will will help fund a solar photovoltaic system for Reid Park Zoo’s new… more ›

Vaquita Conservation

What on earth is a vaquita? It’s a critically endangered porpoise species that lives less than 400 miles from Tucson in the northwestern corner of the Gulf of California, Mexico. These animals regularly… more ›

Nandi’s 2nd Birthday Party

Watch young elephant Nandi enjoy some presents at her 2nd birthday party, held at the Zoo on August 20, 2016! Nandi’s birth in 2014 was incredibly exciting–she was the very first elephant calf… more ›

Elephant Origami Challenge

Our friends at 96 Elephants have issued a challenge: to help create the largest display of origami elephants EVER! The 35,000 elephants in this display will represent the number of elephants killed for… more ›

Meet the New Ferrets

We’re excited to introduce ferrets Dimitri and Nadia, two new Education Ambassador Animals at the Zoo! Ferrets are in the Mustelid family along with otters and weasels. Most ferrets are domesticated versions of the… more ›

A GIANT Gift for the Elephants

When a Tucson summer storm knocked down a nearby resident’s 60-year-old pine tree, local business TLC Environmental Services arranged to deliver the stump to the elephant habitat at Reid Park Zoo. In this… more ›

Live Fish for the Animals

Zoo Keepers recently gave some of the animals a special treat: live fish! Local news station KVOA was on hand to document the fun for its weekly Zoo 4 You feature. Check out the… more ›

Tiger Birthdays

Both of the Zoo’s tigers turn 15 years old in 2016. Female Sita celebrated her birthday on April 25, and male Baheem’s birthday was on May 16. Keeper Kim gave us some fun facts… more ›