New Turf at the Conservation Learning Center

The circular presentation space outside the Zoo’s Conservation Learning Center, originally installed in 2007, has become a popular play area for kids and a great place for Educators to host presentations, activities, and games for the more than 550,000 people who visit the Zoo each year. But after 9 years of heavy use, the original turf looked really ragged. The grass had been completely flattened, and holes and divots across the surface were starting to become a safety hazard.

Toby Bourguet of Tucson Turf, visiting the Zoo with his family one day, noticed that the turf was in need of replacement. He generously offered to donate new, improved artificial grass with the help from manufacturer Tiger Turf. The project was completed this week, and we’re excited to have this space ready for our busy fall season. Thanks to Toby Bourguet,Tucson Turf, and Tiger Turf for making our presentation lawn look fresh and new!

9 years of heavy use takes a toll on turf!
Before: 9 years of use takes a toll on turf
 Ready for Fall!
After: Now we’re ready for Fall!