Yebonga the Southern White Rhino is 49

Today we’re celebrating a very special birthday: Yebonga the Southern white rhino’s 49th! The median life expectancy for this species is 36 years, and Yebonga is considered a geriatric member of her species. To help… more ›

World Rhino Day 2020

Happy World Rhino Day! This holiday celebrates all five species of rhinoceros: black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan. Reid Park Zoo is home to two southern white rhinos, Yebonga and Fireball! Our… more ›

Save the Rhino Day

Today is Save the Rhino Day! Reid Park Zoo is committed to rhinoceros conservation and education and is home to two southern white rhinos.   White rhinos were close to extinction in the… more ›

Lunch with a Rhino

Today we’re Bringing the Zoo to You with another moment of calm. Enjoy a snack break with Fireball, the southern white rhinoceros. White rhinos are primarily grazers who enjoy eating grasses. This differentiates… more ›

Rhino Enrichment!

Today we’re Bringing the Zoo to You with a look at some new rhino enrichment! Maintenance staff recently installed a pole just outside of our rhinoceros habitat that allows animal care staff to… more ›