Tiger Birthdays

Both of the Zoo’s tigers turn 15 years old in 2016. Female Sita celebrated her birthday on April 25, and male Baheem’s birthday was on May 16. Keeper Kim gave us some fun facts about her two favorite tigers:

  • Sita loves frozen treats, but her flavor preference changes daily.
  • Sita has dry skin on her front paws, so she is trained to hold each paw up to a safe barrier, allowing her Keeper to apply lotion with a popsicle stick.
  • She is also trained to stand calmly alongside a safe barrier while the veterinarian draws blood from her tail.
  • Baheem’s favorite scent is Chanel No. 5
  • His favorite toys are brand new ones—after he has played with them he’s not as interested.
  • Although he swims on occasion, Baheem prefers to wade in his pool.

Happy birthday Sita and Baheem!