Sit With Sita

Would anyone like to sit with Sita? Enjoy a relaxing moment with our Malayan tiger while she rests and grooms. Take advice from Sita today and spend some time on self care! Sita… more ›

Two’s a Crowd

Some Animals Prefer Social Distancing Primates are very social animals. We rely on each other for gathering resources, sharing knowledge, and providing comfort. But many other members of the animal kingdom are adapted… more ›

Tiger Birthdays

Both of the Zoo’s tigers turn 15 years old in 2016. Female Sita celebrated her birthday on April 25, and male Baheem’s birthday was on May 16. Keeper Kim gave us some fun facts… more ›

Sita goes for a Swim

Your house cat might not like to take baths, but tigers are pretty good swimmers and sometimes hunt in shallow water.  This video features Sita, the Zoo’s female tiger, spending tranquil afternoon time… more ›