Spotlight on Andean Bears

Have you met the Zoo’s Andean bears, Worf and Lucy? Here are some fun facts about these playful bears:

  • Andean bears are the only bears found in South America.
  • They are sometimes referred to as spectacled bears, because of the white rings around their eyes.
  • Male Andean bears are much larger than females; the Zoo’s male bear outweighs the female by over 200 lbs!
  • Andean bears are great climbers; the Zoo’s bears can sometimes be found perched atop the large tree structure in their habitat.
  • Andean bears are classified as vulnerable in their native habitat; human encroachment and loss of habitat are serious threats to these animals.

At Reid Park Zoo

  • Male Worf (born 1992)and female Lucy (born 1994) have shared a habitat since the Zoo’s South America loop opened in 1996. They have had two offspring that have gone to start families at other zoos.
  • When Worf gets hot, he likes to cool off by sitting in his pool.