Endangered Zebra Foal Born at Reid Park Zoo on Christmas Day

Reid Park Zoo had a very special Christmas delivery: a newborn Grevy’s zebra! Anna the zebra gave birth to a healthy female foal in the morning on Monday, December 25. Both Anna and the foal are doing well.

The foal is the third offspring of Anna and her mate Ben. She was on her feet and nursing shortly after her birth.

“The foal is very steady on her feet and has been busy exploring her new home at mom’s side,” said Adam Ramsey, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Care.

Zebra foals are delicate newborns, and staff will be monitoring the pair closely in the coming weeks. Anna and the foal may, at times, be behind-the-scenes. Guests who are hoping to see mom and baby will have their best chance to spot this striped duo in the mornings.

The Zoo will be hosting a contest to choose the name of the foal. Details will be announced on the Zoo’s social media in the the coming days.

Grevy’s zebras are the largest and most endangered zebra species. Their population in the wild has dropped significantly over the last 40 years, with fewer than 2,000 Grevy’s zebras remaining in Africa today. Every Grevy’s zebra born is an asset to the long term survival of their species. Ben and Anna have a breeding recommendation from their Species Survival Plan, a cooperative effort which works to ensure a genetically stable and viable population.

Well-wishers can celebrate the birth of the new foal by taking action to support her wild counterparts. The choices we make today can have a big impact on the survival of the species. Supporting renewable energy sources like solar and reducing the amount we drive are actions we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on species, like Grevy’s zebra.

Photos and video of Anna and the foal are available on Dropbox.