Peacock Tries to Impress Zebra

Peafowl are not very picky when it’s breeding season! This particular peacock thought our male zebra, Ben, might be interested in his tail presentation. Unfortunately Ben was unimpressed with the bird’s advances! Better luck… more ›

Check in With our Zebras

Take a pause to enjoy this calm moment in our zebra and ostrich habitat. Anna, our female Grevy’s zebra, is doing well with her pregnancy. Her foal is likely due sometime this summer!… more ›

I Love Zoo

The Importance of Species Survival Plans Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate some of your Zoo’s lovebirds! We are happy to have multiple pairs of animals that are important members of… more ›

Anna the Grevy’s Zebra is Pregnant

This Friday, January 31, is International Zebra Day and this year we’ve got something extra special to celebrate: a baby zebra on the way! Anna the Grevy’s zebra is pregnant and expecting her… more ›

Zebra name chosen

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a name for the Zoo’s baby Grevy’s zebra!  The zebra’s name, Tuari, was chosen because it will honor his hometown of TUcson, ARIzona when he… more ›