Celebrating Nandi’s 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nandi! Thank you all so much for celebrating Nandi’s birthday with us today! Nandi enjoyed her boxes of treats, fruity ice pop “cake”, sand castle, fresh browse, and spending time in… more ›

World Elephant Day 2021

Today is World Elephant Day! Elephants are extraordinary animals that need your help. The United States is the second largest consumer of ivory in the world, and poaching for ivory has pushed elephants… more ›

Mabu the Elephant Enjoys a Pool Day

African elephants are well adapted to hot climates, but they still love to cool off with a swim when they can. Our herd shares a deep 98,000-gallon pool that is perfect even for… more ›

Spotlighting Our Animal Dads

Happy Father’s Day! Today we are celebrating some of our wonderful animal fathers. Many species don’t rely on paternal care, but others have dads that go above and beyond! Meerkat mobs all work… more ›