How Elephant Calf Penzi Celebrated her First Birthday


Happy first birthday, Penzi!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating over the last few days!

This not-so-little elephant has brought incredible joy to our community as she splashes in her mud wallow, gobbles up hay, and follows her big sister Nandi around to learn how to be an elephant. Special thanks to Cakes for Causes and Craft Culinary Concepts for the delicious cupcakes and to Africa Diaspora Showcase for the rhythmic tunes, all of which helped to make her first birthday party extra special.
Penzi is an incredible ambassador for her species, helping those who visit her connect with wildlife, discover how magnificent elephants are, and inspires them to explore what can be done to support conservation efforts happening worldwide.


The entire elephant herd had a blast celebrating Penzi’s first birthday! Penzi received an elephant-sized ice pop “cake,” lots of fresh browse, toys filled with favorite snacks, and a fresh mound of special dust to roll in. Guests enjoyed zoo-themed cupcakes, drumming demonstrations, and singing Happy Birthday. It was a perfect pachyderm party!