How To Weigh An Alligator

Bayou the Gator Weighs In During a Routine Check-Up At Reid Park Zoo we strive to allow all of our animals to participate in their own healthcare. One basic behavior that is important… more ›

Alligator Training

Did you know that most of the animals at our Zoo participate in voluntary training? Even our American alligator enjoys training sessions with his animal care staff! The behavior demonstrated in this video… more ›

Alligator Snack Time

Need a short break? Enjoy a snack with our alligator! Our American alligator, Bayou, is sometimes very gentle with his meals. Despite his immense jaw strength and ambush skills, he often prefers to… more ›

Two’s a Crowd

Some Animals Prefer Social Distancing Primates are very social animals. We rely on each other for gathering resources, sharing knowledge, and providing comfort. But many other members of the animal kingdom are adapted… more ›

Do Gators Wear Goggles?

Look closely at Bayou’s eye in this photograph. Do you notice how it appears milky or cloudy? That is because one of his eyelids is shut! Unlike humans, alligators, and many other animals, have… more ›