World Anteater Day: An Update from the Anteaters & Highways Project

Anteater Tim getting a checkup after having a tracking collar placed on him.

Baby Anteater Sue is Eating Solid Foods!

Reid Park Zoo staff had the pleasure of connecting with Arnaud Desbiez from the Anteaters and Highways Project to receive an update on how the orphaned baby anteater named Sue is doing.

Sue’s care givers estimate that she is approximately 6 months old and are happy to report that she is now fully weened and is eating solid foods. She now weighs 22 pounds (10kg). They are hopeful that she will continue to do well and expect that she could be released back into the wild in approximately 8 months if her current growth and good health continues. 

Anteater youngsters, Sue (on left) and Milan, enjoying tasty termites while learning how to find food for themselves.

The Anteaters and Highways team also talked about plans to release another orphaned anteater, named Tim, that has been at the rehabilitation facility for a while. They have fitted him with a tracking collar so that when he is released he can assist researchers in learning more about where anteaters travel in search of food and other resources, especially near roadways. 

Tim is being released in a large area where the landowner has set aside acreage specifically for anteaters in partnership with this project. Their hope is that through continued communication and collaboration with local landowners, a corridor for anteaters (and other wildlife that would use that area) can be created to connect to a state park nearby. As the rainy season in Brazil begins, Tim’s chances of survival are good as the rain helps sustain a strong insect population providing all anteaters with a tasty buffet!