How We Protect Wild Bees at the Zoo

Reid Park Zoo Installs New “Bee Boxes” to Protect Bees!

We are committed to protecting wild animals and wild places, down to some of the smallest wild “residents” that make a huge impact on our planet – bees!

We have partnered with Bob’s Bee Relocation to humanely trap the bees that start to create a hive on Zoo grounds. Relocation is necessary because once bees establish a hive, they will protect it vigorously (the same as we would protect our home and family from danger). This could pose a threat to animals and guests. Through this partnership, 12 bee boxes have been placed around Zoo grounds (mostly behind the scenes, away from guests). Once the bees have started to establish their new colony inside one of the bee boxes, the relocation service will remove the box, with the live bees inside, and relocate it to their farm – where the bees can live happily and continue to assist in pollinating our native plants and our food crops.

You can read more about this effort on our conservation page!