Lemur Introductions

Lately, Zoo guests have been treated to lots of whooping and screeching that can be heard far from the black and white ruffed lemur exhibit where it originates. Lemurs aren’t large animals, but boy can they make noise! The Zoo currently houses four lemurs: two males and two females. Junior and Jasper, the males, arrived here in late 2014, and the females, Tally and Tatum, arrived in early 2015. Introducing the four lemurs to the same exhibit has been a gradual process, and it’s still underway. Keepers are experimenting with different combinations of animals both on exhibit and through “howdy” doors behind the scenes in order to get the lemurs used to each other. The ultimate goal is to have all four lemurs on exhibit together, which will make for a very dynamic exhibit! Learn more about the Zoo’s lemurs here.