Lounging Lemurs Love Their Layout

Who doesn’t love a comfy hammock? Our animal care staff regularly move around the branches, ropes, and other perches in our primate habitats to keep the environment dynamic and interesting. Our black and… more ›

A Calm Moment With the Lemurs

Here’s another calming video with our fastidiously groomed ring-tailed lemurs. Don’t forget about our live lemur Zoo Cam where you can watch these lemurs throughout the day! Our Zoo Cams can be great educational tools — see… more ›

Ring-Tailed Lemurs Relaxing

Today we invite you to enjoy a relaxing moment with two of our ring-tailed lemurs. Watch till the end to see what the bottom of a lemur’s foot looks like!

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs at Play!

Don’t underestimate the importance of play! Our black and white ruffed lemurs jump, wrestle, and dive and roll into bushes to maintain their social bonds, keep their bodies active, and just have fun!

A Look at Lemur Enrichment

Have you been watching our ring-tailed lemur Zoo Cam? It broadcasts live 24/7! Our animal care staff works hard to enrich this habitat multiple times a day to encourage natural lemur behaviors, like… more ›