Come Meet Joaquin the Andean Bear

Come Meet Joaquin!

Reid Park Zoo members got a first opportunity to meet a new addition this morning. Joaquin the Andean bear recently arrived at Reid Park Zoo and has been spending time in our Animal Health Center as part of our standard quarantining procedure. He has received a clean bill of health and is now ready to meet you at the Andean bear habitat! Joaquin will be taking turns sharing the habitat space with our other Andean bear, Oja, and will be most likely visible in the afternoons. He is having a beary good time exploring his new home and discovering lots of fun enrichment!


Andean bears are the only bear native to South America and are Vulnerable in the wild. Their population is decreasing due mostly to habitat loss. Joaquin was born at Reid Park Zoo in 2002 and moved to other zoos for breeding purposes as recommended by the Andean bear Species Survival Plan. Joaquin’s return to Reid Park Zoo is also a part of this plan and he currently has a breeding recommendation with our female bear, Oja.