Birthday Treats for our Andean Bear!

Happy Birthday, Oja! Oja the Andean bear recently celebrated her 7th birthday! Her care team prepared treats and treasures for her to discover on her special day, including a smeared heart made from… more ›

Oja’s Pool Preferences

Every animal has a different personality and preferences. For example, Oja the Andean bear likes to dip her legs into the pool to cool off, but doesn’t often fully swim like our other… more ›

A Calm Moment With Oja

Today we’re bringing you another calm moment with one of our residents. Take a minute to relax with Oja the Andean bear as she listens to the sounds of the Zoo.

Andean Bear Swims in His Pool

Our geriatric Andean bear, Worf, is Bringing the Zoo to You by demonstrating two of his favorite hobbies: eating plants and swimming in his pool! Andean bears are one of the most herbivorous… more ›

Springtime at the Zoo

Spring has sprung! Last week’s rain led to a lot of new growth from our Zoo’s grasses and plants. Many of our animals are enjoying the lusher foliage, including Worf the Andean bear.… more ›