A letter from Zoo Director Jason Jacobs

Dart frogs are an important addition to Reid Park Zoo.  Every animal we house has a story to tell and sometimes small animals tell big stories.  Dart frogs and other amphibians tell the story of warning coloration, the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation as amphibians are a key indicator species that biologists study to determine the health of an ecosystem.  You can compare the exquisite coloration of dart frogs to precious jewel.

Precious and telling stories are attributes of Fran Armstrong, our beloved docent of over four decades whom this habitat is dedicated to.  Fran told stories to hundreds of thousands of children who met her.  She told the story of so many of our animals and the helped inspire generations of children to appreciate wildlife and the work that zoo’s do.

I’d like to thank you Ray, thank you and your family for your support of the zoo, not only with the gift of this marvelous habitat, but the gift of your time, and making your passion our passion, to make this zoo better.

Our staff has worked so hard to create this habitat.  I especially have to thank our Animal Care Division headed by Dr. Sue Tygielski. Back in January, we decided to move forward with dart frogs and Dr. Sue led the charge to get the staff up to speed on these animals care but also worked with the keeping staff and vendors to create this marvelous habitat.  Our education division has done a marvelous job of creating key message points to convey to our guests. Marketing has worked with graphic arts to really brighten this room and the news out about these frogs arrival.  Finally, I want to thank the City of Tucson, the Reid Park Zoological Society, our Docents and everyone else who makes this zoo great, day in and day out.