3 Ways Your Support Helps Your Zoo Every Day

You Make a Difference for Your Zoo Every Day

Happy Giving Zoo Day! Thank you for being a part of our Zoo family and making an impact on everything that happens here each day. You are an integral part of Reid Park Zoo, and your support makes a difference for our animals, children, and our community.

Each day Reid Park Zoo is a symphony of sounds from the song of the gibbon in the morning to the roars of the lion closing out the day. It’s children laughing, tigers chuffing, and the carousel spinning. Thanks to people like you, Reid Park Zoo is a place that celebrates conservation, education, animal care, and community. Your sustaining support allows Reid Park Zoo to act as a true asset to Tucson.

Make a difference for your Zoo when you donate today.

Your support is the reason why Reid Park Zoo is a leader in the Zoo community:

· Healthcare for over 350 animals is an extraordinary daily experience! At the world-class Animal Health Center, the veterinary team schedules and performs wellness checks all year long, reads x-rays, studies bloodwork and handles the unexpected with expertise.

· The Keeper staff is made up of dedicated professionals who keep the animals healthy and thriving. They encourage natural behaviors by hiding food inside puzzle feeders, hanging rope toys from trees, an enriching each habitat with scents of essential oils, coffee grounds, and even other animals’ scat.

· Any day at the Zoo you might encounter visiting students, interns from the University of Arizona assisting with animal care, or children participating in a Junior Zoo Keeper program. The education team reaches more than 20,000 students and children with engaging programs on conservation, veterinary practices, and animal care. Through outreach programs, they bring the Zoo to schools, hospitals, assisted living residences.

Your support helps the Zoo provide care and enrichment for the animals, as well as education to the community. It gives local children the opportunity to learn about conservation, keeps the Zoo beautiful and welcoming, and has a huge impact on Tucson’s connection to wild animals and wild places. Your generosity, at any level, truly makes a difference and is fully tax-deductible.

This Giving Tuesday, participate in Giving Zoo Day, and help your community Zoo continue in its commitment to saving wild animals and wild places.