Peafowl Shed Their Tails

Just like that, peafowl breeding season is over! The peacocks are now all shedding their beautiful tail feathers to prepare to grow new ones for next year’s season. All birds molt their feathers,… more ›

Peafowl Stealing the Show

Who runs the Zoo? Peacocks! When it’s breeding season our peafowl want all eyes on them. They aren’t afraid to make sure the camera knows who the real stars are!

What is Leucism?

What is leucism? Pronounced like ‘lew-sism’, this term refers to a lesser amount of pigmentation, or color, in the skin, fur, feathers, or scales of an animal. Two of our Zoo’s peahens happen… more ›

Peacock Tries to Impress Zebra

Peafowl are not very picky when it’s breeding season! This particular peacock thought our male zebra, Ben, might be interested in his tail presentation. Unfortunately Ben was unimpressed with the bird’s advances! Better luck… more ›