Lions Have Rough Tongues

Lions Kaya and Nayo are participating in Tongue Out Tuesday! Did you know that cats’ tongues are covered in hundreds of tiny, backwards-facing spines? These spines are used for grooming and for licking… more ›

World Lion Day 2020

Today is World Lion Day! This holiday is important for highlighting lions’ conservation challenges and the need to Protect the Pride. Wild lion populations have decreased by 90% in the past century from… more ›

Lounging With Lions

Sometimes when you watch the animals, they watch you back! Enjoy this video of Nayo the lion observing you closely for a few minutes while relaxing with her family.

Two’s a Crowd

Some Animals Prefer Social Distancing Primates are very social animals. We rely on each other for gathering resources, sharing knowledge, and providing comfort. But many other members of the animal kingdom are adapted… more ›

Lions Playing in Puddles

Tucson’s sudden summer storms can turn an animal exhibit into a mud pit within minutes. Lions aren’t generally known for their love of water, but a recent exciting break in their afternoon routine… more ›