International Jaguar Day 2021

Today is International Jaguar Day! Reid Park Zoo is home to Bella, a 12-year-old female jaguar. We were chosen by the jaguar Species Survival Plan to be a home for Bella because of her challenging history… more ›

Jaguars Camouflage in the Leaves

Jaguars like Bella have an intense stare when looking for prey. They are able to move through vegetation without alerting their prey as their coat with rosettes makes them blend into the dappled shadows while… more ›

Keeper Chat: Jaguar Enrichment

Today animal care staff Mara is Bringing the Zoo to You by giving Bella the jaguar some scent enrichment. Watch to see how Bella reacts to smelling essential oils!

Calm Moment with Bella Jaguar

Now is a perfect time for afternoon meditation with Bella the jaguar. Take three minutes of your day to sit calmly with Bella and listen to the quiet sounds of the Zoo.  

Two’s a Crowd

Some Animals Prefer Social Distancing Primates are very social animals. We rely on each other for gathering resources, sharing knowledge, and providing comfort. But many other members of the animal kingdom are adapted… more ›