Leave A Legacy

Become A Legacy Member

Being a donor to the Legacy Circle involves no dues, obligations or solicitations. It allows us to thank you for the plans you have made and helps to inspire the generosity of others. Reid Park Zoological Society is proud to honor these very special contributors.

There are a number of ways to make a planned gift to Reid Park Zoological Society.

  • Bequests – making the Zoological Society a sole beneficiary, beneficiary of a percentage or a remainder beneficiary after other specific needs have been met.
  • Insurance Policy – naming the Zoological Society as a primary or secondary beneficiary is a very simple way to make a significant gift.
  • Retirement Plan – Reid Park Zoological Society can be named as the beneficiary of all or a percentage of a qualified retirement plan.
  • Gifts to the Zoo that create a stream of income and charitable income tax deduction for you include charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder unitrusts.

The preparation of wills and trusts needs an attorney’s professional training.  For your specific circumstances, professional legal and tax advice should always be sought. Contact Reid Park Zoological Society’s development department by email or please call us at 520-881-4753 to discuss opportunities for supporting your Zoo.

In appreciation of their contribution to the future of our Zoo, Legacy Circle Members receive:

  • The anteater logo pin to recognize the donors’ intentions to ensure the future of Reid Park Zoo.
  • Their names are recognized in the Zoo’s newsletter and other written promotional materials unless they request to remain anonymous.
  • Invites to all Reid Park Zoo events

Legacy Circle Members

Kathy Alexander & Paul Lindsey
Estate of Fran Armstrong

Raynor Armstrong
Dr. George and Barbara Ball
Mica & Jeffrey Bane
Estate of Susan Banfield
Susan Basford
Jeffrey Baymor & Elizabeth Cullen
Gail Brown
Tong Cheng
Sharyn & Al Chesser
John Clark
Nate Clark
Janet Corber
John Doyle & Ann Forsberg-Doyle
Bruce & Gilda Eneboe
Jerry Felmley
Patricia Foremaster
Estate of Kristiana Foss
Michael & Maudene Fruehwirth
Jaz & Yui Garewal
Ann Gillette
Estate of Eric V. Hankam

Michael Halle
Michael Hannley
Syndenn K. Harmon
Robert Michael and Trudy Hersch
Mary Huffman
Estate of Linda Hulse
Jason Jacobs
Julianna T. Kasper
Sheldon & Dr.Xenia King
Nancy J. & Kristian Kluge
Ann Koontz
Steve Larsen
Joseph F. Letuks Estate
Ellen W. Lewis
Wendell Long
Melissa A. & Manuel G. Mendibles
Dr. Reuben Merideth
Estate of Frann Miescher
Robin Miescher
Hanna Miller
Brooke Miner
Kassi Molfetas
Lawrence Narcus

Estate of Estelle Oelzner
Dorothy M. Pellegrino
Charles M. Pettis
AJ & MD Ruggiero Trust
Joann Schultz
Denice Shepherd
Mrs. Bernadine Shirley & Joseph Shirley
Mr. Gail Harold Skinner & Mrs. Marlene Carol Skinner
Estate of Evelyn A. Sterling
MSgt & Mrs. Jeremy B. Ulibarri
Estate of Barb Unger
Joanie VanCase
Nancy VanCase
Sharon Lubick Walsh

Diana Whitman
Karen Wong
Mona Alisa Wong Revocable Trust