We Need Browse!

At Reid Park Zoo browse is defined as any edible and non-toxic branches, tree limbs, or stumps/trunks from trees. Browse is important for the animals at Reid Park Zoo, and used to add to the diets of animals that consume trees or other plant materials, or can be used for enrichment by providing cover, perching or climbing structures. Twigs, small sticks, and leaves that are not attached to branches are not considered browse and will not be accepted. 


Approved Edible Browse for Reid Park Zoo

Acacia (Acacia species)

African sumac (Rhus species)

Arunda grass/giant reed (Arunda species)

Ash (Fraxinus species)

Bamboo (Phyllostachys species)

Banana (Musa species)

Bottletree (Brachychiton species)

Cottonwood (Aegiros species)

Ficus (Ficus species)

Fig (Ficus species)

Grapevine (Vitus species)

Hackberry (Celtis species)

Honeylocust (Gleditsia species)

Mesquite (Prosoopis species) Chilean Thornless

Mimosa (Prosopis species)

Mulberry (Morus species)

Pepper Tree (Schinus species)

Pistache (Pistacia species)

Rose Petals (Rosa species)

Sugar cane (Saccharum species)

Sweet Bay/ Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis species)

Willow (Salix species)

Xylosma (Xylosma species)


Any thorns must be smaller than 1/8 inch


We will NOT ACCEPT loads containing ANY:
– Catclaw Acacia
– Palo Verde
– Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina)
– Mistletoe – Black Walnut
– Desert Willow – Nightshade


To coordinate a browse delivery, fill out the form below:


If you are unable to fill out the form above, please email browse@reidparkzoo.org and we will help you coordinate your browse donation