The Bumblebee Dart Frogs Hatched a New Froglet!

The Conservation Learning Center is Home to a Teeny Tiny New Addition

A few months ago the dart frog care team noticed an adult bumblebee dart frog carrying a tadpole on his back. Then in late June a froglet was found! When a bumblebee dart frog egg hatches into a tadpole, the father will carry it on his back to a small pool of water like those found in bromeliad plants. There the tadpole will take about 10 weeks to grow and metamorphose into a frog. In the photo below you can see how small the froglet was when it was first discovered after metamorphosing! The frog is now about half the size of the adults and can be seen in the right side of the dart frog habitat. You’ll have to look closely though, it’s still super tiny!