Move it, move it to the Zoo and meet the new ring-tailed lemurs!

Meet Elm, Oak and Linden, the new troop of ring-tailed lemurs at Reid Park Zoo! These three boys are now on exhibit in the lemur habitat.

Lemurs are arboreal, and live in groups called troops. Ring-tailed lemurs can live in a wider range of habitats than any other lemur species. They are adapted to live in the coldest as well as the hottest and driest habitats in Madagascar, including deserts, making them feel at home here at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson!

“The lemur group is so active exploring their habitat,” said zoo keeper Chelsea Barber. “One of my favorite times of the day is when they are in a lemur ball.  The three of them all group together in a hammock and snuggle close to sleep.  It’s really a treat to see!”

The ring-tailed lemur’s favorite treat is bananas. They can often be seen sunning themselves on the Reid Park Zoo webcams.

Ring-tailed lemurs are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, the listing authority for species worldwide. Human interference is contributing to their declining population.