Meet the Newest Baby of the Anteaters and Highways Project


Reid Park Zoo recently received an exciting update from one of our conservation partners, the Anteaters and Highways Project.  As part of their research, they monitor the movement of giant anteaters in the wild using specialized tracking collars.  Their team has been tracking 5-year-old female, Poly, for around 2 years, and this summer she had her third baby!  The little boy seen clinging to his mom in this video was born around the first week of August, 2023.  Baby giant anteaters stay with their mothers for around 6 months before venturing out on their own, so the Anteaters and Highways Project team hopes to fit the new baby with a tracking collar sometime in January.

The Anteaters and Highways Project has asked Reid Park Zoo to help in naming this new baby who will play a role in important giant anteater research.  We in turn would like to look to our local students for naming suggestions!  We are asking classes who have participated in Zoo education programs or taken self-guided tours at the Zoo to submit your name suggestions, one per class, which you can do using this form.  Details can be found on this page.

Your support for Reid Park Zoo allows us to partner with important conservation programs like this one.  Thank you so much for helping us protect wild anteaters!

A giant anteater in a field of grass. A large orange tracking collar is at her shoulder, while a small baby giant anteater holds onto her lower back.
Poly the giant anteater with her unnamed (yet!) baby riding on her back.