Help Us Name the New Zebra Foal

Reid Park Zoo’s zebra foal needs a name! The Zoo’s hoofstock team has come up with the following options and is asking the public to select their favorite to help celebrate the energetic little zebra, who has been stealing hearts since her birth.

  • Tikiti – short for “Tikiti Maji,” which means “Watermelon” as Anna had cravings for watermelon during pregnancy.
  • Malaika – meaning “Angel,” in celebration of the foal’s birth on Christmas Day
  • Binti – meaning “Daughter,” as this is Anna’s first daughter

The names are all derived from Swahili, in acknowledgement of the native habitat of the endangered Grevy’s species. 

Votes for the foal’s name can be submitted below. The poll will close on January 31 at 10 a.m.,  and Reid Park Zoo will announce the winner on the Zoo’s social media that afternoon in celebration of International Zebra Day.

The foal and her mother are both doing well and can be seen in the Zoo’s zebra habitat.

This poll has closed