Elephant Wellness Workshop tours Reid Park Zoo today

Reid Park Zoo is touring elephant care staff from around the world as part of an Elephant Wellness Workshop hosted by the Phoenix Zoo.

At Reid Park Zoo, workshop participants have an opportunity to observe African Elephant husbandry, including herd management and family dynamics.

Animal care staff will be demonstrating choice-based, positive reinforcement training in a protected contact setting. Training allows animal care staff the ability to monitor animal health and wellness daily. Training, which is completely voluntary for all animals, further demonstrates the trust-based relationship animals have with the experts who care for them.

“Reid Park Zoo has a world class elephant program and we are pleased to share our knowledge with our colleagues from other zoological institutions,” said Zoo Administrator Jason Jacobs. “We have representatives from more than a dozen zoological parks visiting Tucson today.”

This workshop allows Reid Park Zoo to showcase its its world-class animal care while collaborating and innovating with other animal care professionals.