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Cockroach Facts

We love Roaches too! We have over 100 roaches at the Zoo – both Madagascar hissing cockroaches and giant cave roaches. Did you know cockroaches can flatten their bodies to be no thicker than a quarter? No wonder they’re always turning up inside!

Madagascar hissing cockroaches have tiny holes in the sides of their bodies called spiracles. When threatened the roaches compress their bodies quickly and air rushes out of the holes, making a “hissing” sound.

Giant cave roaches have wings, but their bodies are generally too heavy to fly.

Madagascar hissing cockroach
Madagascar hissing cockroach
Giant cave cockroach
Giant cave cockroach


Species Name:
Madagascar hissing cockroach / Giant cave cockroach
Scientific Name:
Gromphadorina portentosa / Blaberus giganteus
Africa / South America
Proud Parents:
Laurraine Tutihasi
Kate Rhodes
Najma Johnson