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American Alligator:

Alligators are a keystone species. This means they play a key role in ensuring a healthy habitat for other species. For example, alligators dig shallow pools, called “gator holes” that are critical water sources used by other animals during dry periods.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Alligators and other reptiles often lie in the sun to warm themselves. On the other hand, they cool off by taking a dip in the water. If you can’t find the American alligator in the habitat, look in the water; he might be waiting in the water.

Zoo Educators will soon be able to introduce guests to these animals and teach them about their adaptations and other fun alligator facts through the Animal Ambassador Program.

Did You Know:

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Species Name:
American Alligator
Scientific Name:
Alligator mississippiensis
North America
Proud Parents:
Sarah M. Kim
Dace Boucher
Nevaeh Baxter
Embry Vilchis
Elizabeth Kelley