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Toys for Baby

Small BallClick on the item below to donate:

17” Extra Heavy-Duty Ball $175

Babies love to play, and elephant calves are certainly no different! Balls are the staple of any youngster’s toy-set, no matter what the species. He or she will chase it around their huge yard for years to come! (9 of 12 still needed)

25” Extra Heavy-Duty Ball $275

When a new baby arrives, you always need to make sure their siblings don’t get jealous. We want to be sure older brothers Punga and Sundzu don’t feel forgotten with their younger sibling getting so much attention! Help us make sure they won’t feel left out of all the excitement by helping to purchase a large ball for them to play with. Of course, the new baby will be able to enjoy it as a hand-me-down after growing a little larger! (3 of 4 still needed)

14 Gallon Heavy-Duty Box $105

Boxes are just the thing to hold enrichment items. What does any child enjoy more than a brand new present? The box it came in, of course! So why not just make the present itself a box by purchasing one of these heavy duty “boxes” for the new baby and its siblings? You may not see the fun in it, but we know they’ll find some creative ways to play with it! (1 of 4 still needed)

12” Diameter Heavy Duty Cylinder $150

Scientists say that young animals play in order to practice the skills they will need in their adult lives. Elephants spend much of their time manipulating large trees and branches to get at the foliage they need to survive. This large cylinder toy simulates a tree branch and will help our calf master the trunk dexterity it needs to grow up to be a strong and well developed adult elephant. (1 of 2 still needed)