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The old Zoo parking lot is closed permanently as we make way for construction of Pathway to Asia. The new parking lot is located North of the Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center (ARC) and Reid Park Zoo.

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Landscaping- With the calf’s arrival, we want to make the elephant exhibit as warm and welcoming as possible. While the herd probably won’t care much for a baby blue (or pink!) paint job, they sure would love some fresh landscaping! Check out some of the landscaping supplies we could use to keep the exhibit looking good. (We can use as much of all of these supplies as we can get!)

Click on the item below to donate:

Rye Grass Seed $44 (20 lbs.)

Bermuda Grass Seed $185 (20 lbs.)

Pruners $43- DONATED!

Elephants eat lots and lots of browse, and that amount will only grow as our herd does. These pruners will help Keepers meet the elephants’ demand for fresh cut branches.

Hose (50 ft) $32

More elephants definitely means more cleaning. These hoses will help our Keepers keep the newly expanded elephant barn nice and clean for the entire herd. (2 of 5 still needed)

One Year Supply of Sand $12,000- DONATED!

It’s important, now with the baby coming more than ever, that our elephants have a soft substrate to stand and walk on. Our keepers provide this by maintaining a thick layer of soft sand inside their barn, helping to ensure their comfort. By donating a year’s worth of sand for the elephant barn you will help make sure the new calf has a soft ground to take its first steps (and first tumble) on.