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The old Zoo parking lot is closed permanently as we make way for construction of Pathway to Asia. The new parking lot is located North of the Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center (ARC) and Reid Park Zoo.

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Buckets, Buckets, Buckets!

Buckets and Brushes!- Keepers can always use more buckets: big buckets, small buckets, feed buckets, and soaking buckets. With the arrival of another elephant, Keepers would LOVE to have some more buckets around to help them with their work. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but we promise you they’ll appreciate it! Take a look at the buckets and brushes below and choose one to donate towards today.

Click on the item below to donate:

Feed Buckets $4- DONATED!

Great for the Keepers to use during their training sessions!

Large Feed Buckets $10- DONATED!

When Keepers need to haul treats out to the yard, these come in handy!

Foot Soaking Tubs $25- DONATED!

These help Keepers provide the herd with some of the best pedicures you can find in Tucson!

Treat Tubs $10- DONATED!

These tubs serve as molds when it’s time for Keepers to make elephant-sized popsicles.

Bath Brush $8- DONATED!

Everybody enjoys a good bath! Unfortunately, a loofah doesn’t quite cut it when it comes time to scrub down an elephant (no matter the size). These brushes will help to keep the calf and the entire herd clean and looking great for your photos. They especially come in handy after those long summer visits to the mud wallow!

Floor Scrub Brushes (pack of 4) $40- DONATED!

More elephants means more…well…use your imagination. With another member added to the herd, Zoo Keepers will have even more daily cleaning to do. Donate a pack of new long-handled scrub brushes and help make the job a little bit easier on them (and their backs)!