On the Lookout

Like many social animals, meerkats have a lookout system
with at least one individual always standing guard.
The guard will warn others with various calls for different
threats. A constant peeping means, “all is well.”
This African predator is related to the mongoose and is
not a cat, as their name implies. Meerkats are not picky
at mealtime and will eat small mammals, eggs, reptiles,
roots and even scorpions.

At Reid Park Zoo

Meerkats are adapted to arid climates and
rarely need to drink water. They get all the
water they need from the foods they eat.
Although they have a water source at the
Zoo, they rarely use it.


Species Name:
Scientific Name:
Suricata suricatta
Proud Parents:
Sydney J. Geikler
Alison Almand
Bill Bahmer
Goldie Keating
Brian Spoor
Juliet Fawcett
Skyler Benner
Margaret Harris