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Five elephants arrived from San Diego Safari Park in February, 2012.  Mabu is a mature male; Semba and Lungile are mature females.  Punga (son of Mabu and Semba) was born in 2007, and Sundzu (son of Mabu and Semba) was born in 2010. A baby female elephant, Nandi, the first born in Arizona, was born at 10:55pm on August 20, 2014.

Expedition Tanzania:

We’re very excited to introduce Reid Park Zoo’s newest pachyderm residents and their amazing new habitat, Expedition Tanzania! The seven acre expansion provides an introduction to the culture of East Africa and the important work being done to protect wildlife. Guests are able to explore the winding pathways, find clues which will provide insight into the lives of animals, and discover the excitement of seeing elephants in an expansive habitat. Can’t make it to the Zoo? CHECK OUT THE ELEPHANT CAM!


Species Name:
African elephant
Scientific Name:
Loxodonta africana
Our Animal's Name(s):
Mabu, Lungile, Semba, Punga, Sundzu, and Nandi
Proud Parents:
Athena Gates
Bret Slater and Kelly Slater
Edward Staten
Georgia Brousseau
Haley Baumgartner
Joseph Sciabarra
Julie Hill
Kate Boesen
Michael Gates
Piper Collins
St Marks School
Kay B. Gray
Alexis Welch
Carly McCarthy
Laura Featherstone
Linda Suhay
Steve Suhay
Michelle Koukoumanos
Rebecca Copp
Tina Berry
Leonard & Louise Heuberger
Cody Tretschok
Dimitri Fleming
Theresa Fleming
Ernest Manning
Gail Skinner
Marlene Skinner
Jean Popham
Lezley K Barth
Ronald W Barth
Mimi Tanner
Nancy Halle
Philip De Amelia
Theresa Talley
Bobby Bryant