Reid Park Zoo is a Zoo For All!

Reid Park Zoo (RPZ) is committed to providing experiences that inspire adults and children and motivate them to care for animals, the world, and conservation of natural resources. Our belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife regardless of economic status. Through Community Access Programs, Reid Park Zoo is dedicated to making the Zoo and its programs more accessible to low-income and/or underserved children and families.

RPZ is proud to offer the following opportunities for community access to our facilities and programming:

Educational Programs

  • School Field Trips
    RPZ offers free self-guided school field trips to the Zoo during regular school days for K-12 students during the months of August through May. Self-guided trips can be enhanced with complimentary Bio Bags and Activity Packets. Bio Bags are filled with hands-on artifacts such as skull and bone replicas to illustrate scientific concepts as well as detailed instructions on how to interpret items for the students. Activity Packets focus students’ attention while they are at the Zoo with age-appropriate activities teachers can download and print right from their computer. Click here to learn more.
  • Zoo Adventure Programs (ZAP) for Title I Schools
    RPZ offers a limited number of free Zoo Adventure Programs for Title I schools due to the generous support from foundations and donors. These programs are offered to K-12 students and feature a 45-minute program featuring live animal ambassadors by the Zoo’s education team. Topics include habitats, adaptations, Zoo 101, locomotion, conservation and endangered species, and more! See a complete list of topics here.
  • Zoo to You Outreach Programs
    RPZ offers a limited number of outreach programs free of charge due to the generous support from foundations and donors. Some schools are unable to make the trip to the Zoo and the Zoo to You outreach program allows students to learn about animals and conservation in their classroom by the Zoo’s knowledgeable education staff. See the list of topics here.

Community Support

  • Bio Bags
    RPZ offers a Bio Bags full of hands-on artifacts for groups taking a field trips to the Zoo! These backpacks contain skull and bone replicas and other objects to illustrate scientific concepts, as well as detailed instructions on how to interpret the items for your students.
  • Community Memberships
    RPZ offers a membership to help community-focused organizations bring individuals who participate in their program to the Zoo and learn about wildlife and conservation. Community Memberships are offered at a discounted rate to 501 (c) (3) non-profit agencies working with child and family services, mental health programs and programs for homeless clients. To learn more, click here.
  • Community Partnerships & Outreach Events
    RPZ partners with local non-profits on collaborate fundraisers, food and toy drives, and promotion. Additionally, RPZ partners with organizations throughout southern Arizona to bring the Zoo to the public at cause-related events and fairs.
  • Discount for EBT Card Holders (SNAP/WIC)
    RPZ offers $4 off daytime admission tickets for guests who participate in the SNAP/WIC programs. A valid EBT card and identification must be provided to the cashier at the time of purchase. This offer is valid for up to seven daytime admission tickets and can only be redeemed at the front gate. Please note: The EBT card can not be used to purchase the discounted admission tickets.
  • Donation of Zoo Admission Tickets for Charitable Causes
    RPZ donates general admission tickets to qualified 501 (c)(3) organizations. Click here to request a ticket donation.
  • Dreamnight
    RPZ partners with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on hosting an exclusive night at the Zoo for children with special health care needs, children with disabilities, their parents and siblings. This event is an exclusive evening for these children and their families to experience their Zoo free of charge and without the concern for social stigma and issues related to accessibility. The event is held at the Zoo and Museum in alternating years.
  • Non-profit Event Rentals 
    Qualified 501 (c)(3) organizations receive a discounted rate on venue rental fees to host meetings and non-fundraising events. To inquire about holding an event at Reid Park Zoo, contact our events department at [email protected].
  • Web Cams and Activity Packets
    RPZ gives the opportunity for learning in the classroom through Web Cams and Activity Packets free of charge. Teachers and students can observe Zoo animals as they explore their natural habitat and engage in age-appropriate activities with STEM-based packet at no additional cost.

RPZ is grateful for the generous support by the Tucson community. There are a number of opportunities for volunteers to support events, programs and operational needs. Programs offered are for adults, teens corporate groups. To learn more about becoming a volunteer click here.