Ghosts of the Rain Forest

The word “lemur” means “ghost” in Latin, and once you hear the call of a lemur you’ll know why!

Lemurs communication with loud vocalizations and with scent.  You may notice them rubbing their bodies on branches (scent marking) to let others know they were there.  Ruffed lemurs are found only in Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa.  They play an important role in the rain forest ecosystem, dispersing the seeds of the fruit they eat.

At Reid Park Zoo

Jasper and Junior came to Reid Park Zoo in late 2014. Junior’s tail is all black, while Jasper’s tail has some white mixed in. We hope to introduce two females to the exhibit shortly.


Species Name:
Black and white ruffed lemur
Scientific Name:
Varecia variegata
Africa (Madagascar)
Our Animal's Name(s):
Junior (male, born 4/15/08)
Jasper (male, born 4/17/04)
Proud Parents:
Frann Miescher
David M. & Kay Bard Gray