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A Prey Buffet:

Jaguars are at the top of the food chain throughout their Central and South American range and eat over 80 different species.

Jaguars stalk and ambush their prey rather than chasing it. If food is scarce, jaguars will travel a great distance to hunt tapir, cattle, and deer.

Not all cats hate water–jaguars are great swimmers! This makes caiman, fish, and turtles easy jaguar food too.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Simone is black (melanistic), but most jaguars are yellow with black spots. You can see the spots on these animals if you look closely.

Simone turned 21 years old in 2017. As an elderly jaguar, she requires a lot of special care. The Zoo is committed to providing whole-life care to every one of its animal residents, so Zoo Keepers spend a lot of time carefully observing Simone, feeding her special diets, and caring for age-related issues.

Even at her advanced age, Simone still loves to play and explore new things!


Species Name:
Scientific Name:
Panthera onca
South America
Proud Parents:
Carolyn Reinhart
Tyler Danielson
Evelyn & Jude Wesolowski
Tristan Richardson
Aiden Springer
Shannon Carroll
Jadyn Enfield
John G. Wright
Edison Hemann
Denise Hausler
Kathy & Roger Gross
Alice Thompson
Simon Alter
Britt Bredstad
Bridget Stephenson
Judy Nagle
Sandra & Shelby Toon
Jan Whipple
Elaine & Rip Fulton
Anthony J. Offret
John Bullaro
Brian & Lindsey Grant
Bob Piltaver