World Goat Day 2020

Today is World Goat Day! Enrichment doesn’t always have to be complicated! A simple way to make a head of lettuce more entertaining for a goat is to just stick it into the… more ›

Goats Inspect the Camera

Domestic goats are naturally friendly and curious, and one of the things they are curious about is the camera! Several members of our herd seemed to want their close-ups as they inspected the… more ›

A Goat Gets a Bath!

There’s nothing better than a refreshing shower on a hot day! Pepper the Nigerian dwarf goat had skin irritation and our veterinary team recommended a medicated bath. Pepper did not seem to mind… more ›

Goat Enrichment

Check out this new enrichment device we installed in our goat yard! Today our two boer goats especially enjoyed foraging for some leafy greens from this hanging puzzle feeder.