The Flamingo Lagoon is Open!

The Flamingo Lagoon is open! The Chilean flamingo flock’s vibrant pink feathers now welcome guests as they enter the Zoo. “The new habitat is absolutely beautiful, and exemplifies the ‘Bigger Spaces, Smiling Faces’… more ›

Bird Nests: Small in Stature, Mighty in Worth

Bird Nests: Small in Stature, Mighty in Worth Remarkably engineered through complex design and composed of a wide variety of nature’s best building tools (everything from mud and twigs to leaves and fur),… more ›

What Makes Flamingos Pink?

It’s Pink Flamingo Day! But why are they pink? You may have heard that it’s because they eat shrimp, but the real answer is a little more complex. Flamingos and shrimp are actually… more ›

Protecting Our Feathered Friends

Picture a desert in your mind. What did you see? Often, the word “desert” conjures images of vast stretches of sand dunes or towering cacti — not flamingos, which can be found in… more ›