Growing Up Elephant: A Virtual Celebration

Saturday, August 22, 2020
8:30 am — 9:15 am

A Virtual Celebration of Nandi’s Sixth Birthday and Elephant Conservation


Happy Birthday, Nandi! One of Reid Park Zoo’s beloved female African elephants is turning six, and you’re invited for a virtual celebration as she and the herd enjoy some special treats. Join hosts Cassie Dodds, Elephant Supervisor, and Jed Dodds, Zoo personality, for an inside look at the Zoo’s elephant herd, details about the elephant’s care, and some of their favorite pastimes – from playing in the rain to wallowing in the mud. 

Nandi was the first African elephant born at Reid Park Zoo and the firstborn in Arizona. Over the years, fans worldwide have followed her development from birth to her new role as a big sister to four-month-old calf Penzi. During the program, we’ll take a look back at Nandi’s six years at the Zoo and some of her own developmental milestones, as well as share insights on the relationship between Nandi and Penzi, as Penzi learns from Nandi. You’ll have a chance to ask questions about the elephants and join in singing Happy Birthday.

As African elephants continue to face escalating threats in the wild, Nandi’s birthday is a celebration for the lives of all elephants. In honor of the recent World Elephant Day, Jed will share information on what Reid Park Zoo is doing to support field conservation efforts for elephants in Tarangire National Park in Africa and what we can all do to help ensure more elephants can grow up healthy and strong. Follow along on a trip to Tarangire and observe African elephants, including young calves in the wild. Can you spot similarities between the elephants here at home and those in Africa?

This event is FREE. Donations are greatly appreciated and will help the Zoo with the care, feeding and enrichment of the animals, as well as continuing programs during this unprecedented time when the Zoo remains closed and is not receiving any admissions or program revenue. Thank you!

Support Your Zoo With Elephant Art

Diana Madaras is a longtime supporter of Reid Park Zoo, and is supporting the Zoo through Penzi and Nandi sales on her website! We are also very excited that Diana Madaras is supporting the Zoo through “Little Nandi” and “Mapenzi” gifts and paintings.